Ordering a perfect road maintenance vehicle

When the road is well and accurately maintained, also travelling on the road is safe and comfortable.
In order for the above to come true, it requires expert knowledge and reliability of the road maintenance equipment. Pajakulma designs and equips also the road maintenance vehicles fully according to the customer’s needs.

This was also the case when Kuljetus Esko Joensuu Oy's order was a "fully equipped road maintenance vehicle". The company embarked on a five-year contract of road management and the needs list filled a sheet of paper lightly: In winter, motorway maintenance, in the summer gravel road maintenance as well as asphalt road edge filling, which required a separate equipment. Side plough and front plough for normal ploughing and underbody scraper for the packed ice removal in the winter and for gravel roads shaping and alignment in the summer. Yet another device for salt spreading and, furthermore, hydraulics for the edge filling and street sweeping. The vehicle would also be used for gravel transport, so a trailer and cassette body equipment were needed, too.

– Pajakulma is a well-known and skilled operator who was able to serve us in a geographically close location. The truck was designed according to our needs from the outset, and it corresponds fully to the plans. This was well known in beforehand and because of that the order was given. I am happy especially with the underbody scraper, I truly needed it. It is certainly the best on the market, the owner Mika Närhi says.

Devices are developed and adjusted together

About 70-80% of the truck work is road maintenance and the rest is normal earth transport. Even one and a half years after the commissioning of the truck, co-operation with Pajakulma is regular. Truck equipment is developed and adjusted together. Transport Esko Joensuu also carries out test runs for Pajakulma’s new ploughing equipment in its development stage.


Pajakulma designs advanced solutions for equipping and manufacturing of vehicles. Our services include also comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts sales.



Pajakulma equips versatile commercial vehicles according to the customer’s needs and ensures the maximisation of their productivity and operational reliability.



Pajakulma builds high-quality bodies and superstructures with high workmanship. We provide a comprehensive range of leading branch products that we hold agencies for, as well as Pajakulma’s own brands.