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Powerful payload

Heavy circumstances require endurance of the equipment. Depending on the season and location of the mining site, the temperature may be, for example, tens of degrees below zero, or the air humidity value in formidable figures. Advanced mining vehicles carry increasingly heavier loads reliably, efficiently and safely even in the challenging environment.

Tailor-made mining products of Pajakulma offer the best possible payload. The equipment solutions for mining industry promote transport efficiency, which reduces the production costs in the mining sector. In mining operations, the structures must be dimensioned in exact accordance with the required, and operational sustainability is an absolute requirement.

Mining bodies that meet the customer’s needs are provided by Jorpe Products, which specialises in manufacturing equipment for earth transport.

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    Pajakulma’s own design and product development allow for tailor-made service in equipping and manufacturing of mining vehicles. The mining machinery equipping is a Pajakulma product and service concept, planned and carried out according to the customer's business and operating environment. Pajakulma engineering complies with the laws, regulations and directives that regulate the field.

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    Mine sites have mining trucks equipped with Pajakulma mining bodies. The mining truck equipment is designed fully according to the customer’s needs. The vehicles are built in Pajakulma Perniö unit.

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    Pajakulma archives the documents of built vehicles for maintenance and spare parts deliveries. Later they can be used also when building a new vehicle. Pajakulma Perniö unit is familiar with the requirements of mining industry and knows the manufacturer’s responsibility.

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Pajakulma designs advanced solutions for equipping and manufacturing of vehicles. Our services include also comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts sales.



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