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Reliable solutions

Pajakulma load handling system provides bespoke and reliable equipment, as well as a smooth order-supply chain. Traditional demountable trucks (hook, wire rope, container), as well as loader-equipped trucks and bodies have been included in Pajakulma’s production for 40 years already.
The building project begins on the engineer’s display, taking into account the customer’s needs - and ends in the operator’s training. Conformity, adherence to the agreed delivery time and budget, and responsibility for the solutions for the whole vehicle life cycle are uncompromisable objectives.

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  • Cranes +

    Flli. Ferrari 

    • Affordable top brand crane of Italian manufacturer
    • A wide choice of cranes with lifting capacity range 0.9–70Tm
    • Pajakulma’s service and cooperation network provides fast maintenance, spare parts and repair services
    • The most extensive spare part stock for crane brands sold in Finland
    • A wide range of additional functions and i.a. 3 different marine-equipping levels


    • Austrian market leader of crane manufacturers
    • A wide choice of sizes and equipment of cranes with capacity range 1.4–151Tm
    • A wide cooperation network guarantees fast availability of maintenance, spare parts and repair services
    • Also available plenty of equipment and options for all kinds of needs
  • Hooklifts +


    • Swedish top brand product
    • Finished structure ensures low mounting height and weight
    • A wide range of accessories available
    • Always designed to meet the customer's need and is supplied with a vehicle specific mounting kit
    • FBS-equipped hook supplied with top coating and fully pre-installed

    Pajakulma PK

    • Pajakulma’s own PK hooklift
    • A comprehensive selection
    • Installation height - normal models and low Coala models
    • Hooks for 4–30 tonnes load
  • Cable lifts +

    PK Cable lift

    • Lifting capacity 16, 20 and 25 tonnes
    • Reliable operation even in the most demanding circumstances
    • Improves the vehicle's utilisation rate by increasing its adaptability
    • Ergonomic controlling solution
    • Effective: two-speed pulling control, automatic pull limiter and free fall
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Pajakulma designs advanced solutions for equipping and manufacturing of vehicles. Our services include also comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts sales.



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Pajakulma equips versatile commercial vehicles according to the customer’s needs and ensures the maximisation of their productivity and operational reliability.



Pajakulma supplies power and durability for demanding environments all over Finland. Find out various success stories made possible by Pajakulma’s operational reliability.