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Powerful durability

Pajakulma’s high-quality Jorpe Products ensure operational reliability even in demanding environment. Jorpe is specialised in manufacturing vehicles used in earthmoving. We offer professionals a wide range of bodies for gravel, stone, road maintenance and mining. Moreover, our products include cassette bodies for vehicles, as well as cassette trailers.

Body structures as per customer’s needs

Pajakulma’s Jorpe Products have already become a concept among those who work with earthmoving. The products combine durability, optimised weight and productivity. A significant production base for Jorpe Products is to equip the body structures according to the customer's needs, wishes and requirements.
Bodies have a running board, cable hooks, a shovel rack and limiter chains as standard equipment.
Optional accessories are available, e.g.
  • folding ladder
  • load cover
  • extra lock for tailgate
  • truck vibrator
  • cassette equipment
  • extendable tailgate bars
  • cargo securing rings
  • extra sides and sleeves
  • special painting

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  • MINER +

    • Floor 16 mm
    • Side 12 mm
    • Rounded edges ca. 525/650 mm
    • Width 2 580 mm
  • ROCK +

    • Floor 8–12 mm
    • Side 5–8 mm
    • Rounded edges ca. 525/650 mm
    • Width 2 530 mm
  • SAND +

    • Floor 6–10 mm
    • Side 4–6 mm
    • Rounded edges ca. 300 mm
    • Width 2 530 mm

    • Floor 6–10 mm
    • Side 4–6 mm
    • Rounded edges ca. 670 mm
    • Width 2 530 mm

    • Floor 6–16 mm
    • Side 4–8 mm
    • Width 2 530–2 580 mm
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Pajakulma designs advanced solutions for equipping and manufacturing of vehicles. Our services include also comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts sales.



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Pajakulma equips versatile commercial vehicles according to the customer’s needs and ensures the maximisation of their productivity and operational reliability.



Pajakulma supplies power and durability for demanding environments all over Finland. Find out various success stories made possible by Pajakulma’s operational reliability.