Harri Kumpu appointed Managing Director of Pajakulma Ltd.

MSc, engineer Harri Kumpu has been appointed Managing Director of Pajakulma
Ltd., starting from 28 November 2016.


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Jyki Group Oy, and Governia Oy have today signed an agreement, whereby Governia Oy sells the shares of Pajakulma Oy to Jyki Group Oy.

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Pajakulma – comfort and safety since 1931

The first steps of Pajakulma Ltd were taken in Tahkoluoto of Pori. At that time the centre of the business was horse. Pajakulma began its operation as a farrier - a trusted specialist of transport equipment of the time.

The world was not ready, however, and in 1885 Karl F. Benz launched into the world a small but in the future even more important miracle - in other words, a motor car with a combustion engine. As the population grew, that wondrous invention began to gain a foothold, because distances increased, and people wanted to move more quickly from place to place.

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