Pajakulma – comfort and safety since 1931

The first steps of Pajakulma Ltd were taken in Tahkoluoto of Pori. At that time the centre of the business was horse. Pajakulma began its operation as a farrier - a trusted specialist of transport equipment of the time.

The world was not ready, however, and in 1885 Karl F. Benz launched into the world a small but in the future even more important miracle - in other words, a motor car with a combustion engine. As the population grew, that wondrous invention began to gain a foothold, because distances increased, and people wanted to move more quickly from place to place.

When people started to have cars they were developed further and convenience was started to be required of them. This challenge Pajakulma was ready for - namely in the form of a spring and suspension supplier. Pajakulma began, therefore, to provide people with comfort. What better business idea as to provide people with comfort? With these steps Pajakulma has grown into Finland's leading supplier of springs and specialises in providing transportation professionals with durable, cost-effective solutions.

Today Pajakulma is Finland's leading supplier of springs and a trusted supplier of heavy machinery. For our customers we produce effective and efficient commercial vehicles and suspension solutions. How does it show in a normal human life? With Vammas products supplied by Pajakulma we keep airport runways clean and with the road maintenance vehicles we keep Finnish roads fit for traffic. Constructed by Pajakulma garbage trucks we take refuses to the refuse dump and with springs supplied by us the driving is smooth and comfortable.

Our products may be machinery and technology, but to our customers and to all Finns, we offer comfort and safety.

We Pajakulma people know that we need to provide added value to our customers. It is the only reason why Pajakulma is a desired partner - now and in the future.



Harri Kumpu

Sales Director