Pajakulma – Profitability and reliability for commercial vehicles

Pajakulma equips multipurpose utility vehicles according to customer’s needs. We ensure maximum profitability and operational reliability. Pajakulma operates as an extension of a vehicle manufacturer, offering swift turnaround and standardized solutions to support our customers to excel.

Customer service is complemented with a well-functioning secondary market network in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and Russia.

We provide our customers with competitive commercial vehicle solutions. Our services cover the entire life cycle of a commercial vehicle, including design, construction, maintenance and spare parts services. We are a reliable partner for the customer.

We are the leading company in the field of commercial vehicle design, manufacturing, maintenance and component services in Finland. We operate in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We are a reliable partner throughout the life cycle of a vehicle.


One of the pillars of Pajakulma, which is reflected in all activities. Customers consider Pajakulma a reliable partner and Pajakulma is a reliable employer for its employees. Pajakulma also emphasizes reliability in company’s quality policy.

Key to all operations. Pajakulma's operation is based on honesty and reliability. We also demand it from all the stakeholders we work with.

Pajakulma appreciates the ability to grasp things. We need to solve the issues, not just bring them up. Everything we do is based on constant improvement.

Respect for the individual
Business is a team effort, but we also respect each other as individuals.

Key numbers

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