Best possible outcome through product development and project planning

Pajakulma’s design and product development allows for tailored equipping and manufacturing for different commercial vehicle types. Pajakulma designs best possible solution for the client’s needs - biggest possible payloads out of multipurpose use. Pajakulma’s continuous PURE and PK product development and new product development ensure functional tools for clients also in the future.

Low maintenance costs

Short turnaround, carefully planned superstructures and trouble-free operations ensure that you can get to work when you need to. With well-planned and manufactured superstructures we ensure trouble-free work flow and low maintenance costs. Pajakulma’s strengths in design are robust engineering knowledge (mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics and technical calculations) and practical knowledge.

Pajakulma’s design complies with the laws, regulations and directives, which regulate the sector. The resulting technical documentation from the design process is in conformity with the machinery directive.

Key numbers

Commercial vehicles a year
area units in Finland