Delivery and maintenance vehicles

Delivery vehicles including tailgate cranes with or without a bodywork

Pajakulma Cityliner bodywork ensures more payloads and less compromises. Cityliner is the lightest indigenous series-produced distribution body type that has a light-weight and durable element floor with an aluminum body structure. Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic element ensures great UV-durability.  Powder painted profiles enable finishing and look without studs. We use recycled material in bodies.

Cityliner bodywork’s benefits and features

  • Light-weight superstructure diminishes fuel consumption 
  • Long life cycle with the right material choices
  • Laminated insulate elements
  • Vehicles in the 3,5–7 ton range
  • Typically equipped with light-weight and durable Sörensen tail lifts imported by Pajakulma

We install tail lifts to vans as well: on top of the back doors or instead of the back doors to enable swift and effortless deliveries.

Maintenance vehicles

Pajakulma’s maintenance vehicles are manufactured versatilely for companies in different fields and according to their needs. We also equip pick-up trucks for companies that specifically operate in mines and water pump maintenance work, in addition to the traditional vans modified into service vehicles.

Refrigerated vehicles

Pajakulma manufactures refrigerated vehicles out of vans and trucks made of sheet metal that can be used for example for food or medical deliveries.

Key numbers

Commercial vehicles a year
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