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PURE plough rams

Sturdy plough rams help connecting front plough to the vehicle (dimensioning according to the standard of the former Public Roads Authority). PURE plough rams are available for almost all vehicle brands and types. A new updated design was launched in 2020 - without compromising durability.

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PURE underbody scrapers

Strong and highest blade plates on the market guarantee the removal of the material and the ability to transfer both summer and winter. You can plough snow, remove ice rails or construct and align gravel roads or yard surfaces. Pajakulma’s patented PURE Omega TR underbody scraper for tractors are fast to mount and to remove. Underbody scrapers can be equipped according to needs with different types of wear edges. Shank pick maximize blade’s grading efficiency.

PURE underbody blades’ benefits and features

  • Always equipped with hydraulic extensions and with one tilt and pressure cylinders
  • As an additional accessory second hydraulic tilt and pressure cylinders makes the underbody scraper an even more efficient tool
  • Installment as fixed or rotational, when user can choose which side the blade releases the removed materials
  • Additional features with the PURE 2.0 control system: standard down pushing, float, and various automatic functions

Pajakulma’s PURE underbody scrapers

PURE Alpha with fixed releasing angle

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PURE Omega with adjustable releasing angle

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Pure Karhu with adjustable releasing angle and with a HARDOX blade

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PURE Omega TR, a removable underbody scraper for a tractor with adjustable releasing angle

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PURE side plough

With the PURE side plough the ploughing width can be increased  up to eight meters, depending on the front plough’s properties. Side plough can also be used to move the free material created with the underbody scraper onto the side of the roads or snow banks. Jet controller shape is designed on the basis of operating experience: road signs remain as clean as possible, but the snow flies high enough over the snow bank or railing.

Lifting equipment’s new generation as well as modular and lightweight wing models came onto the market in 2020.

PURE side ploughs’ benefits and features

  • Durable ploughs with refined snow hurling capabilities
  • A separate bolt attached blade base that can easily be swapped into flexible blade elements: ploughing results enhance considerably when the blades follow the road form better
  • Working width of three to four meters
  • Accessory: PURE Delta V side plough for cutting the snow banks that is easy and quick to change instead of a regular plough

Pajakulma’s PURE side ploughs

PURE Delta3 with three meter working width

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PURE Delta4 with four meter working width

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PURE Delta V side plough for snow bank cutting

PURE tipper body ploughs

Road maintenance, hook lift or tractor unit’s utilization rate can be maximized with an easily attachable and detachable tipper body plough. This way your vehicle is free for other types of work when weather permits. Also a combination of automated spreader and a side plough is easy to attach and detach: you can complete other work without extra weight that can reduce your profitability.

PURE Sigma and PURE Sigma T can be equipped with Rasco automatic spreader, PURE Delta x.3 side plough and PURE Delta x.4 side plough.

Pajakulma’s PURE tipper body ploughs

PURE Sigma

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PURE Sigma T

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PURE Can 2.0 control system

PURE Can 2.0 bus control system has the most guided operation system on the market. It ensures easy and concise operations with impressive reliability. Guiding real-time touch screen and joystick-controlled operating system is the latest technology. This enables all equipment functionality steering easily and ergonomically for road maintenance, tippers, wire or hook equipment, that enhances well-being at work.

PURE Can 2.0 benefits and features

  • Enhanced screen resolution and color rendering enable highly clear graphics
  • Numerous automatic and easy-to-use functionalities increase efficiency
  • Front plough and side plough can be used simultaneously with one control
  • Side plough, plough ram and underbody scraper can be lifted simultaneously to move their position
  • Reversing automation with underbody scraper, side plough and tipper heater

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PURE Siroco T2 roller spreader

PURE Siroco T2 roller spreader is a spreader for sand that can be used as a spreader or as a tailgate. PURE Siroco T2 can be attached to the body into tailgate’s lifting arms, replacing the tailgate. Body’s normal use and for example cassette building is entirely possibly with a spreader.

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