Road maintenance

More profitable kilometers for road maintenance vehicles

Continuous product development ensures Pajakulma’s road maintenance vehicles longevity and high quality. PURE equipment offers clients efficient and reliable tools for road maintenance. PURE products’ innovative, patented and easy to use solutions enhance efficiency. Also serviceability and ease of exchanging worn parts are already taken into consideration during the design phase for the PURE products. We use only well-known standard parts.

Tailored road maintenance vehicle

Road maintenance vehicles equipped by Pajakulma are reconfigurable modules whose machining begins with a holistic plan. Pajakulma carefully tailors road maintenance vehicles for their end use so that each customer receives a unit that serves them the best. Multifunction cars built by Pajakulma are extremely valued tools at municipalities and cities.

Full spectrum product range to road maintenance

Pajakulma’s operations follow ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate that involves careful documentation. Pajakulma’s diverse representations with major operators offer a full range of road maintenance vehicles. They are equipped from start to finish at one place: the parts used are brought to the vehicle.

As a result of many years of product development, the PURE Can 2.0 bus controller was formed, relying only on established, functional solutions and components that were tested to be durable. PURE Can 2.0 ensures a superior operating system in its clarity and ergonomics.

Truck underbody scrapers PURE Alpha and PURE Omega as well as the PURE Omega TR underbody scraper for trucks that can be disconnected and reconnected in a matter of minutes are in turn the most efficient tools for construction of gravel roads and for removing ice rails.

Pajakulma’s imported Rasco gritters have a strong market share in Finland.

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